Monday, December 11, 2006

Boot Scootin' Baby...where are you!

As usual, I spent much of my time today at the computer getting sidetracked on the internet. Unbelievable if you know me, right? :) I found two ADORABLE products/services this time though....

The first is the cutest mom/baby exercise imaginable, besides Salsa Babies!), but it's along the same lines. It's born in Toronto, created this year by Jackie Davidson, and is called "Boot Scootin' Baby"! How cute is that! Check out the photo of a class with cowboy hats on on this page.

The other product I found through Halifax's Next Inline's newsletter and it's the Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker. My mom would have SOOOOO used this on me! It has two pieces, one (the Tamper resistant "Giggle Bug") you clip on your toddler and the other you have on you. If you lose track (!) of your little one, you press the button on your "Activator Fob" and "Giggle Bug" that's clip onto your little one "will “beep” and the lights will flash until the child is located". It's a little like a combination "clapper" (to turn your lights on/off) and what you have on your key chain to lock your car. Very smart!