Monday, December 11, 2006

Boot Scootin' Baby...where are you!

As usual, I spent much of my time today at the computer getting sidetracked on the internet. Unbelievable if you know me, right? :) I found two ADORABLE products/services this time though....

The first is the cutest mom/baby exercise imaginable, besides Salsa Babies!), but it's along the same lines. It's born in Toronto, created this year by Jackie Davidson, and is called "Boot Scootin' Baby"! How cute is that! Check out the photo of a class with cowboy hats on on this page.

The other product I found through Halifax's Next Inline's newsletter and it's the Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker. My mom would have SOOOOO used this on me! It has two pieces, one (the Tamper resistant "Giggle Bug") you clip on your toddler and the other you have on you. If you lose track (!) of your little one, you press the button on your "Activator Fob" and "Giggle Bug" that's clip onto your little one "will “beep” and the lights will flash until the child is located". It's a little like a combination "clapper" (to turn your lights on/off) and what you have on your key chain to lock your car. Very smart!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy Holidays! Oh, that's the first time I said that this year and the days are ticking away! I have started my holiday shopping though and I've started it online - no malls, no line ups and home delivery - it's great! We've decided to share our favourite online retailers with you!

Click here to see the first CanadianBabies Holiday Shopping Guide! Our favourite shops spread the joy!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

free hugs

I just found this on It definately made me smile, laugh and hug my kids. Enjoy and please share! Take a look:

Free Hugs Campaign has become a global movement. This is what the people at the '>Free Hugs Campaign said:

Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

As this symbol of human hope spread accross the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witnessed is the true spirit of humanity coming together in what can only be described as awe inspiring.

In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person...

The response to this video has been nothing short of overwhelming and touching. Hugs to every single one of you who messaged. There have been thousands of emails from all over the world by people seeking to participate in the Free Hugs campaign and asking for permission. You do not need permission. This is the peoples' movement, this is *your* movement. With nothing but your bare hands you can make THE difference.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mommy Brain!

Ack, does "Mommy Brain" last forever? I just found myself putting the dishsoap in the fridge! It's either mommy brain or I'm becoming more and more like my own mother - eeek!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vancouver Doula

I just came across the website Vancouver Doula and am so impressed with the information found there. I have two little ones and had one doula at my first born's birth and two doulas at my second born's birth. The joke is that if we had a third (and we're not!) that we would have 3 doulas!

My good friend, Anona, was the doula at #1 and #2 birth and she was amazing. She was my brains during both births. She coached, supported and helped me mentally get through those waves of labour pains.

We hired Rachel, a massage therapist, to also be there for birth #2. While Anona managed by brain, helping me relax and not panic, Rachel massaged the heck out of my lower birth - my very own handmade epidural!

Doulas are amazing! I can't imagine giving birht without the support of an amazing doula!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

There's no candy left at our house...

All our candy left the house on the morning after Halloween - yeah! Although I'm sure there's a stash in my hubby's car!

We adapted the following "tradition" because 3 years ago we were all incredibly sick in November and I'm sure it was because our immune systems were weakened by all the sugar we ate after Halloween (I have absolutely no will power when there is chocolate in the house!).

Both of my little ones dress up (Joshua is now 6 and Sabrina is almost 4). This year Joshua was Batman (although he brought a light saber just in case and Sabrina was the same unicorn she was last year (such an easy age!). One parent stays home and the other takes out the kids - half way through the night we sometimes switch.

Here's our can find a few different versions of this story on the 'net but around our house, we collect sugar on Halloween night for the Sugar Sprite. Each child gets to keep one piece of candy - usually the number of pieces is the same as their age. The Sugar Sprite is a fairy who collects sugar in the fall and she uses it to make snow all winter long. Children collect the sugar (candy) for her on Halloween and leave it just outside their front door. While they are asleep she takes the sugar and leaves the children a thank you note and a gift. The kids love to see their small gifts in the morning and to see the Sugar Sprite's 'footprints' in the trail of sugar that she leaves on the front porch! :) Luckily we've always had some snow a few days after Halloween! This amazes the kids!

So for the past years we've been giving away the candy that we collect. Sabrina had 3 pieces of candy last year and Joshua had 5. And they were still pretty good about it this year. Around 8:00 pm, Joshua even asked if he could put his candy outside! Hubby brings all the candy to work the next day - where his co-workers groan about it but it's usually gone in a few days!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a moral dilemma

is it wrong to roast marshmallows for yourself over the burner of your gas stove, using chopsticks, while your kids aren't looking?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ah, sleep.....zzzz

Recently on a discussion board that I'm on a mom to a 9-month old ask about Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution". She had bought the book and was working through it but was getting opposing advice regarding sleep for her daughter.

Sleep – this was a big issue for me. My first little one couldn’t go to sleep without touching me for the first 8 months of his life – he’s now 6 years old and goes to be faithfully at 7:30 each night and we don’t hear from him, typically for 12 hours ('cept for last night!).

When he was an infant I ended up having to go to bed the same time he did so that I was rested. It actually worked out well, I got the sleep I needed and hubby had to clean the kitchen at night!
A book that was really reassuring to me was Dr Sears’ “Nighttime Parenting”. As well, Ann Douglas’ new book “Sleep Solutions for your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler” has also had good reviews. Heck, everything Ann writes is wonderful and very practical!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baby Om at Wish

The wonderful Wish magazine recently listed list of studios across Canada that offer baby yoga programs. I want to add to the list their great list here:

The Yoga Loft
5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3K 1B6
Tel: 429-3330

Bluemoon Wellness
684 Osborne Street South (upper level)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(204) 287-8978

Lion's Breath Yoga & Pilates
Edmonton, Alberta
780.486.4431 or 780.488.4433

Kanata Yoga Centre
2 Beaverbrook Road
Kanata, Ontario K2K 1L1
(613) 858-1114


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Got Blogs!

I'm in the middle of shoveling out my office with the help of the incredible Glenda Muir from re:organized living...more on that later, including the embarrassing 'before' pictures, but for now I just have to share that...

...the Canadian baby world is amazing! As Canadian parents we are quietly doing our thing, playing with baby, trying to clean the house, hopping in and out of mini-vans, developing our biceps lugging around infant car seats (you know that I've-got-a-car-seat-in-one-hand shuffle) and all the while there's this quiet underground parenting Meetup/yahoo group/blogging/mompreneur world out there! It's amazing!

Please see the blogs, on the right, I've just discovered on the new and improved urbanmoms site!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Before I Pack Tomorrow's Lunch...

Yesterday Ann Douglas wrote about "School's Eve". Thank you Ann.

Today, I'll write with relief that we got through the day. It was a day of firsts for J. - first day of full school; first day of grade one; first day at a new school; first day riding the bus to school (I followed in the van) and first day of French Immersion. I felt like someone's fist was around my heart all day, but J. was so brave!

To add to the emotions of the day, we were thrilled when the Snowbirds flew over the school to honour Captain Michael VandenBos. From our house, it looked almost as if they flew over the school, over our house and back to the school. What an incredible day! What an incredible story.

Monday, September 04, 2006

gimme blogs, gimme blogs

Ok, I spending way too much time reading and trying to find Canadian baby-related blogs - such great reading! You'll see our 'links' area on the side growing weekly, especially if you feed my new addiction - send me information about interesting and unique Canadian baby-related blogs that you've found! I working to get a collection of blogs from across the country :) - really I'm working and not having any fun with it ;)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slingin' at Starbucks

While running into Starbuck's yesterday (is it getting too cold for Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccinos?), I saw this adorable young couple with their baby heading towards their car. The dad was wearing their little one in a pouch sling and both dad and baby looked so happy. What is it about this type of picture that just makes you sigh and say "aaawww?"

I love, love, love the carriers I have. We started with a Baby Bjorn that is pretty much standard in the baby carrier world. It's great for a younger baby and my husband loved to carry Joshua in it and go for walks without me (apparently the neighbourhood women gushed all over them!). Joshua could snuggle close and then face out (which he loved!). It got limiting though as Joshua got older (read "longer"!) and his little feet would dangle and get in the way of mommy and daddy's leg.

I also have a Heart-to-Heart ring sling (oh, they've updated their website! cute!). I need Dr. Sears’ Baby Book to help me understand how to use it but once Joshua was in it he fell asleep in 2 minutes! Perfect! It's a very versatile, easy to get into carrier. I've loaned mine to so many people to try - hey, where is it now? Who has it?

Next I found the Hip Hammock online (before it was bought by Playtex). This is an amazing carrier - so many people would stop be to ask about it that I consider selling them. What was next?

Oh, sigh, my favourite - the Ergo Carrier... let me have a moment here ...this such a fantastic and comfortable carrier. I could still carry Sabrina in it and she's almost 4 years old (I won’t though). Just looking at it on the Pookababy site makes me smile.

The last carrier I tried was a Moby Wrap. It was a little intimidating learning how to use this loooong piece of fabric but when I put Sabrina into it, at 16 months, my first reaction was "oh, I’ve got to have another baby so I can wear an infant in this". Which is a crazy thought because we are not having any more children just to fill a baby carrier! LOL! But the Moby is just that comfy and cuddly.

Enjoy your babies, wear them close and maybe I'll see you at Starbucks! :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Balance not Boredom

I was recently asked by Rebecca Eckler about my thoughts on "this wave of mothers - mostly from Britain and America - that are coming out and writing about how difficult it is to be a mother, and how they rather go out with friends for drinks, to the gym, etc."

These mothers are writing about how difficult it is to be a mother. Is motherhood at times difficult? Of course, it is! Clean & straighten the house continually, get the groceries, cook dinner that appeals to all, read all the parenting books there are, keep in touch with prebaby friends, attend this mommy class and that one, fill out new child tax forms, make time for the gym, count your new grey hairs (grr!)...and then be a sexy mama at the same time? Something will inevitably go! We are under a lot of pressure. These writers have taken it to the extreme though and that's what gets the press...and the book deal.

Rebecca called these parents "uninvolved" but I would call it "unattached". "Attachment is the strong bond of affection and connection that develops between children and their parents or primary caretakers. The quality of this bond influences the child's physical, emotional, and intellectual development." You need to spend time with your children to be attached to them and for them to be attached to you.

Parenting is about balance. Parents bored of their children? Come on! What was my grandmother's best quote of all: "If you are bored, you are boring." Find a way to get involved with your children and spend time with them. Finds ways to make yourself happy as well.

As parents we need to spend time with our children, our spouses and as corny as it sounds...ourselves. But it's got to be a balance...some of each...not one over the other.

Do you find Barney boring...well, don't watch him! In Canada, there are so many great ways to go spend time with your babies. You can go to Movies for Mommies in Vancouver, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa and Montreal. Moms in the City organizes amazing events for parents in Toronto. Wee Welcome is holding "Mama Mingles" across the country. Babyvibe in Vancouver, and soon Calgary, has listings of wonderful events for families. Spas are creating baby days. The MommyClub in Calgary organizes events monthly for parents. There are Mom Meetups across the country. Some very smart spas are even offering stroller days, when mamas can get manicures in a baby welcoming settings - how cool is that! As well there are baby sign language classes, music classes, fitness classes, mom and baby yoga classes- there are so many fun things so much to do with your child.

Add to these some well deserved time with girlfriends (AKA, girls night out, nit and nag, etc). Go out have fun! Through in the regular "dates" with your partner and you've got balance, not boredom.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I like to potty, potty...

Okay, my family is approximately 1 year, 5 days and 7 hours past the potty training stage (but who's counting!) but this website that I just found has a very cute product:

I was able to find the personalized version of their potty song for my son (J. went potty, J. went potty...), but couldn't find one for my daughter, but they would record one for her. Each personalized song would cost $9.95 (I'm assuming this is US) . I I would have bought these for my kids, considering what we've paid for diapers.

Another site that I did use when my daughter was toilet training was this Sign Language Potty Training Activity Book:

It was great to personalize the storybook (hmmm, there's a theme here) and read it to her a few times a day. The vocabulary/story really helped all adults in her life follow the same steps and use the same words as well.

We did think of "starting" to toilet train S. when she got close to 2 years, but I thought I could toilet train her for a year and she'll be using the potty by age 3 OR I could not work at it for a year and she'll be using the potty by age 3! :) I choose not to "train" her for a year and she was using the potty on her own about 3-4 weeks past her 3rd birthday. Yeah!

Actually, she didn't really care about it one way or another (her brother was sooo much easier!), when she had an accident she'd just say "it's okay, mommy, you can clean it up" a kind of "whatever" kind a tone...sigh! This is so much her laid back personality! What I ended up doing is just telling her we ran out of diapers and we only had a few to use a night time. She thought about it for a bit and came up with, "Hmmm, I better use the potty all the time now." Aaaahh!

Lord, help me when she's a teenager! I wonder if there will be a personalized "S. will be home by 10:00 pm, S. will be home by 10:00 pm" song by then? Anyone?? Please...

Friday, July 14, 2006


I was recently asked where to buy gripe water in Vancouver - :) what did you think I was writing about this time!

Most drug stores/pharmacies should have it in the baby section. I’m pretty sure all have no alcohol now but check just in case. Some have different flavours (though not stated on the bottle), e.g., a licorice or dill flavour (!)

I've been doing some searching online for "gripe water" and I'm surprised that what I'm finding for the most part are sites that sell it but not a whole lot of information on it! Even my trusted Dr. Sears has nothing on the topic. Maybe this is a sign?

Other remedies for colicy (don't like the term!) babies are infant massage and wearing your baby. I found the latter out when my son was 4 months old and as soon as I put him in a sling he was asleep in 2 minutes! Grrr!

If anyone else has any hints to share, please do so!

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Mommy Milk" T-Shirts

I’ve create a toddler/children's t-shirts for breastfeeding challenge this fall, on September 30, 2006 at 11am. They are very cute! Text on the t-shirts reads "My WeeHands Can Sign...Mommy Milk".

Profits from the sale of these 100% cotton infant and toddler t-shirts will be donated to La Leche League. For more information about the Breastfeeding Challenge please visit this website:

You can have a look at them at this website:

Please share with all the families with wee babies you know!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Universal Child Care Benefit

Recently, I shared information in our newsletters about the governments new Universal Child Care Benefit. There has been a bit in the media about this. Parents with children under the age of 6 years will be getting $1,200 annually per child, broken down into 12 monthly installments of $100 for each preschool-age child in every family Unfortunately, this benefit is taxable so it will actually turn out to be $80.00/child per month. Read more about this "benefit" and it's intricacies on another blog I've been following lately!

Friday, June 23, 2006

From nibble trays to brussel sprouts

A new mom wrote me today and asked about feeding her 10 month old...or not feeding him...well, not NOT feeding him but he wasn't interested in eated because he had just learned to walk and was too busy exploring the world.

As a mom, I can completely relate to what she was saying! Been there! I told her that Dr. Sears' site would be helpful. I would not have gotten through babyhood with my little ones without Dr. Sears’ (okay a slight exaggeration!) As well the idea of a nibble tray (with appropriate 10 month old food) may be helpful as well.

Believe me I had to do a song and dance to get my first born to eat. Picture me putting a load of laundry in our front loading washing machine just so he could watch the water and bubbles while I fed him – he did NOT want to eat. At almost 6 years now he eats almost as much as my husband at times and loves almost any and all green vegetables – go figure!

If only Ann Douglas had written her book, Mealtime Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler And Preschooler, when my wee ones were, well, wee! Okay, they are 5 years and 3 year old - they're not ancient. Ann was most likely starting to write her new sleep and food books while I was pacing the floors at 2 am and putting on a floor show for Joshua!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Typical Canadian Mom?

I consider myself a typical Canadian mom...I have my quirks...some of my friends parent the way I do...others, well they don't! Still I think many Canadian moms have asked themselves these important questions...
  • Is it okay to put Kahlua in a Tim Horton's Iced Cappucino?
  • Is there any residential cleaning services out there that will fold and put away laundry?

Inquiring minds, NEED to know! I think I'll try the Kahlua thing tomorrow night! Meet me on the front porch!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Andre

Fantastic article! Thank you Infact Canada for fowarding it.

This stood out for me, “Yet, in hospitals (where, sadly, most births still occur), nurses and physicians are often too busy to help.” Both of my children were born to midwives at home (both were also nursed until about 22 months). I remember after my firstborn's birth that the midwives helping me/him right away get latched on. I had a great support network but still had moments of am I doing this right? I heard too many stories of friends who had gone to nurses who told them to supplement because they were not producing enough milk. These friends soon gave up on breastfeeding their little ones.

Education or re-education has to be there for the frontline staff – the OB, the family doctors, public health and visiting nurses…even some midwives. As well, post-partum support and doulas is a necessity, especially for first time moms.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What to Expect When your Surfing!

I do remember when I found out I was pregnant for the first thing time...the first thing I did was head to Indigo Books and purchased "What to Expect When You are Expecting". I was so nervous and a little embarrassed (?) when I paid for it...would the 20 year old cashier know that I was pregnant (duh!)? what would his reaction be? ... turns out it looked like he didn't care!

I read little snippets of it every night in bed and was amazed at the pictures of what your little one looked at at every week and month.

The creators of the book, and the whole series, have now come up with a matching website,, complete with the same pictures (yeah!), tips, advice, pregnancy calendards, recipes, etc.

This site wasn't around for my two pregnancies (I don't think!) but I used similar sites: from IVillage (lots of ads) and BabyCenter. There are others that are similar, but nothing uniquely Canadian yet...hmmm!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My New Favourite Lullaby

The Dixie Chicks have been in the news quite a bit lately. I just bought their new album (love shopping on iTunes!. My new favourite lullaby is the Dixie Chicks' Lullaby. It's one of the longest tracks on their album at 5:51 minutes - how smart is that! A slow, loooong lullaby - wise mammas!

With lyrics like "How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough?"... I just love this song. Gotta go check on my napping wee ones now!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Travel with Baby!

I've recently received an email from a mom travelling from the Caribbean back home to Canada for a visit...First of all...sigh! How exciting! It started me thinking about travels with my little ones...actually with our first little one since we haven't really gone any where since Sabrina was born!

I remember travelling with Joshua when he was an infant...we had to put a blanket over the window on his side because any transport truck whizzing by on his side would just terrify him. I travelled a lot around Ontario in the back seat next to him and mini-gos are great travel food for babies!

When we travelled by air, we made sure that we tried for an evening or night flight and that we reserved the bulkhead (?) and a bassinet for our little one. If you are bringing a stroller, they'll take the stroller from you at the gate and stow it for you and it'll be waiting for you at the gate when you arrive - nice! If you're bringing an infant car seat I think getting a "snap and go stroller" would be great for the trip. You can find a picture of one here:

As well, a soft baby carrier for the trip is an almost must! I LOVE the Ergo Baby Carrier and the Hip Hammock. I just sigh when I think about carrying my babies in them! I actually think I could still carry Sabrina, she's 3 years old, in the Ergo...must try that some day - she'd love it!

As well, you may want to try the following companies to see if they'll be able to help you in your journey:

Borrow Til Tomorrow
Serving - Niagara Falls, The Greater Niagara Region, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie shorelines
Fenwick, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-924-4914 U.S & Canada only
905-892-6960 local - Niagara Area (Canada)
Web site:

Serving - Montreal and surrounding area
Phone: (514) 659-2323
Web site: (English) / (French)

Serving - Toronto
Phone: 647-895-BABY (2229)
Web site:

V.I.P. Child Car Seat Rentals Inc.
29 Steckley Street
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 7K6
Phone: 905-713-0326
Web site:

Away WEE Travel
Serving - Toronto & Vancouver
Phone: 416-737-1622 / 604-222-4722
Web site:

Globe Toddlers - Baby Equipment Rentals
Serving - Fernie
Phone: 250-423-0355

Baby's On The Go
1410 Alpha Lake Rd., Suite 204A,
Function Junction, Whistler, B.C. Canada
Phone: 604-905-0002 Toll Free:1-866-905-0002
Web site:

Let me know if any of this is helpful and please share what you've found useful!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Itty Bitty Links on Sale!

Ok, I've had too much coffee or too little sleep - maybe both!

We’ve had an amazing response to our link offer! More than 65 additional companies are now linking to our site and our unique visits per day have increased by 24%! Special thanks go to and!

We’re working to get all enhanced listings requests (free for June, July and August) ready for the first week of June. If you haven’t already done so, please forward the URL of the page that contains your link to and the following:

  • your company name & logo;
  • your company' phone number;
  • your company' street address;
  • your company' web address;
  • a 40-word description.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thank Goodness for Brooklin!

Our neighbours just had a baby a few weeks...has it been months!...ago now. We're luck because the 2 little ones they already have are the same age as our kids, 5 and 3 years old.

Yesterday we were doing a little bit of spring cleaning (trust me this is not something that we typically do!)...and found in our bathroom cupboard an unopened package of diapers. Sabrina, our youngest has been potty trained for a year now, and we never got around to this package and we're not sure what to do with it.

I voiced this when we saw it and my son, he's almost six, said "Don't worry mom. We can use them when our baby comes". I stopped, backed up and said, "What?". He replied, "You know Anthony and Natassia next door just got a baby, so when our baby comes, we can just use those diapers for her". Okay, I want to hear a collective "aaaawwww" now! :)

I had to break it to my poor little one that we won't be getting a new baby. It's just mom, dad, brother, sister and the dog. He thought of it for a while again and thoughtfully said "Oh, and don't forget Brooklin" - our fish. Quick recovery!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

One Big Community!

So it's post-BabyTime! now...the baby show that is! I think I slept all day on Monday! My apologies to any one driving in Brooklin that day!

What a huge number of families came out - it's that 4th time I've 'worked' the show but the number of people there always amazes me. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of our booth. We had our fantastic new banner (thank you Sherri!) and two wonderful gliders from Dear-Born Baby (thank you Kelly!). At one point, there were two friends lounging in our booth - one nursing her little one and the other resting her 8-month belly - if you read this, pulleeaase, email me the picture we took!

I'm also having fun with our new stats program for the Canadian Babies sites (how nerdy is that!). It's great to see so many companies connecting/linking with our site! That's one of the main goals for CanadianBabies - to directly connect all things baby in Canada...and we're well on our way (and our sites just over 2 months old!). Have a look at this Kindermusik program in Vancouver; one of my favourite blogs; this service offering so much for moms in Toronto; a great new Canadian baby magazine; an adorable online baby store; these parenting classes in Calgary; a wonderful yoga studio in Halifax; a belly casting services in Toronto; and this party store in Edmonton! I LOVE that all this is connected!

Fantastic! Thank you for linking to our site:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

my first post!

How exciting! Canadian Babies was created to link all things baby in Canada...and I'm blown away by what there is to offer Canadian familes!

I'm off to set up for the Baby Time! show in Mississauga ... it's going to be a busy weekend!

See you there!