Friday, June 23, 2006

From nibble trays to brussel sprouts

A new mom wrote me today and asked about feeding her 10 month old...or not feeding him...well, not NOT feeding him but he wasn't interested in eated because he had just learned to walk and was too busy exploring the world.

As a mom, I can completely relate to what she was saying! Been there! I told her that Dr. Sears' site would be helpful. I would not have gotten through babyhood with my little ones without Dr. Sears’ (okay a slight exaggeration!) As well the idea of a nibble tray (with appropriate 10 month old food) may be helpful as well.

Believe me I had to do a song and dance to get my first born to eat. Picture me putting a load of laundry in our front loading washing machine just so he could watch the water and bubbles while I fed him – he did NOT want to eat. At almost 6 years now he eats almost as much as my husband at times and loves almost any and all green vegetables – go figure!

If only Ann Douglas had written her book, Mealtime Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler And Preschooler, when my wee ones were, well, wee! Okay, they are 5 years and 3 year old - they're not ancient. Ann was most likely starting to write her new sleep and food books while I was pacing the floors at 2 am and putting on a floor show for Joshua!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Typical Canadian Mom?

I consider myself a typical Canadian mom...I have my quirks...some of my friends parent the way I do...others, well they don't! Still I think many Canadian moms have asked themselves these important questions...
  • Is it okay to put Kahlua in a Tim Horton's Iced Cappucino?
  • Is there any residential cleaning services out there that will fold and put away laundry?

Inquiring minds, NEED to know! I think I'll try the Kahlua thing tomorrow night! Meet me on the front porch!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Andre

Fantastic article! Thank you Infact Canada for fowarding it.

This stood out for me, “Yet, in hospitals (where, sadly, most births still occur), nurses and physicians are often too busy to help.” Both of my children were born to midwives at home (both were also nursed until about 22 months). I remember after my firstborn's birth that the midwives helping me/him right away get latched on. I had a great support network but still had moments of am I doing this right? I heard too many stories of friends who had gone to nurses who told them to supplement because they were not producing enough milk. These friends soon gave up on breastfeeding their little ones.

Education or re-education has to be there for the frontline staff – the OB, the family doctors, public health and visiting nurses…even some midwives. As well, post-partum support and doulas is a necessity, especially for first time moms.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What to Expect When your Surfing!

I do remember when I found out I was pregnant for the first thing time...the first thing I did was head to Indigo Books and purchased "What to Expect When You are Expecting". I was so nervous and a little embarrassed (?) when I paid for it...would the 20 year old cashier know that I was pregnant (duh!)? what would his reaction be? ... turns out it looked like he didn't care!

I read little snippets of it every night in bed and was amazed at the pictures of what your little one looked at at every week and month.

The creators of the book, and the whole series, have now come up with a matching website,, complete with the same pictures (yeah!), tips, advice, pregnancy calendards, recipes, etc.

This site wasn't around for my two pregnancies (I don't think!) but I used similar sites: from IVillage (lots of ads) and BabyCenter. There are others that are similar, but nothing uniquely Canadian yet...hmmm!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My New Favourite Lullaby

The Dixie Chicks have been in the news quite a bit lately. I just bought their new album (love shopping on iTunes!. My new favourite lullaby is the Dixie Chicks' Lullaby. It's one of the longest tracks on their album at 5:51 minutes - how smart is that! A slow, loooong lullaby - wise mammas!

With lyrics like "How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough?"... I just love this song. Gotta go check on my napping wee ones now!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Travel with Baby!

I've recently received an email from a mom travelling from the Caribbean back home to Canada for a visit...First of all...sigh! How exciting! It started me thinking about travels with my little ones...actually with our first little one since we haven't really gone any where since Sabrina was born!

I remember travelling with Joshua when he was an infant...we had to put a blanket over the window on his side because any transport truck whizzing by on his side would just terrify him. I travelled a lot around Ontario in the back seat next to him and mini-gos are great travel food for babies!

When we travelled by air, we made sure that we tried for an evening or night flight and that we reserved the bulkhead (?) and a bassinet for our little one. If you are bringing a stroller, they'll take the stroller from you at the gate and stow it for you and it'll be waiting for you at the gate when you arrive - nice! If you're bringing an infant car seat I think getting a "snap and go stroller" would be great for the trip. You can find a picture of one here:

As well, a soft baby carrier for the trip is an almost must! I LOVE the Ergo Baby Carrier and the Hip Hammock. I just sigh when I think about carrying my babies in them! I actually think I could still carry Sabrina, she's 3 years old, in the Ergo...must try that some day - she'd love it!

As well, you may want to try the following companies to see if they'll be able to help you in your journey:

Borrow Til Tomorrow
Serving - Niagara Falls, The Greater Niagara Region, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie shorelines
Fenwick, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-924-4914 U.S & Canada only
905-892-6960 local - Niagara Area (Canada)
Web site:

Serving - Montreal and surrounding area
Phone: (514) 659-2323
Web site: (English) / (French)

Serving - Toronto
Phone: 647-895-BABY (2229)
Web site:

V.I.P. Child Car Seat Rentals Inc.
29 Steckley Street
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 7K6
Phone: 905-713-0326
Web site:

Away WEE Travel
Serving - Toronto & Vancouver
Phone: 416-737-1622 / 604-222-4722
Web site:

Globe Toddlers - Baby Equipment Rentals
Serving - Fernie
Phone: 250-423-0355

Baby's On The Go
1410 Alpha Lake Rd., Suite 204A,
Function Junction, Whistler, B.C. Canada
Phone: 604-905-0002 Toll Free:1-866-905-0002
Web site:

Let me know if any of this is helpful and please share what you've found useful!