Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go Baby Expo in Fraser Valley, BC

This is a tradeshow for moms, dads, grandparents, babies, tots and kids. We have expanded this year to include kids of all ages. There is a high demand for a tradeshow in the Fraser Valley that has a little something for EVERYONE in the family. We have constructed this event for families with kids of all ages. We have bouncy castles, face painting, balloon making, lots of samples, hourly prizes.......and much more for everyone! "Moms to be" can watch a wonderful fashion show with a great maternity line. Concession stand for the family, seating to rest and room to move; this is what you will find at OUR show.

Tips for Social Media Promotion!

I was thinking about titling this post, "What drives me crazy about business websites that I want to promote!", but I thought maybe that wasn't the most positive way to start a conversation. Hmmm, I seemed to have done that anyway :)

Please, please make sure the home page of your website has a clear image of your logo or product that is sized 130px × 106px or 101px × 130px or something close to this size. I've share a sample of an image that Finest Expressions has on their website that is a great example of this.

Why is it so important to have such an image on your homepage? This is the size that Facebook uses when someone posts or shares your website on Facebook for all their friends and more to see. Each month we post links on the CanadianBabies Fan page on Facebook these images, your images, are seen by our Fans and Friends. This helps us and our friends share your information and a great clear image will draw more people, potential customers to your site!

Keep in mind that if you do have a large image on your homepage that Facebook will resize it to this smaller size. When your image is resized it may loose some of the details that you were hoping to share. If you want to have a large image on your site, also post smaller ones or ones that can be resized nicely. The more images that we have to choose from the better!

Please share your thoughts and comments! ...and tell all your friends about the CanadianBabies Parentpreneur blog!